Morning Sessions

The Advocacy vs Lobbying Throwdown

Summary: Everyone’s talking about advocacy these days, while the number of lobbyists has been dropping for over a decade. Find out where advocacy and lobbying overlap, where they don’t, and what’s the right combination of mass mobilization and “the world’s second oldest profession” in today’s unique environment.

Location: Engage Neighborhood

Midday Sessions

The Super Lobbyist: The Impact of D.C.’s A.I. Revolution

Summary: What happens when you combine the power of data and analytics with the smartest, savviest, most connected people in Washington? See how members of “the world’s second oldest profession” are taking advance of shifts in trends and technology to get even more from their wisdom, relationships, and expertise.

Location: Discover Neighborhood

Afternoon Sessions

Sh*t Happens, Is Your Organization Ready?

Summary: How does your multinational organization prepare for rapid unexpected change? How do you leverage internal stakeholders and developed technology to build a holistic understanding of trending issues and unfamiliar political ecosystems? Now, more than ever before, it is important to build a cross-department issues management strategy into your organization. Be ready to identify and engage external stakeholders to come to your defense and anticipate and identify potential risks and issues that may damage your brand reputation. This s they share their experiences and provide invaluable insight.

Location: Discover Neighborhood